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Important information about P.E. kits

Dear Parents

Please read the very important information below about P.E. kit.

We recently sent a message home saying that on P.E. days the children could come to school in their kit. This increases the amount of time for physical activity and supports those older children that are beginning to become self conscious about changing in front of their peers. 

This kit must be as follows:

Plain black shorts or joggers - not leggings - they are not appropriate for P.E as they are too thin and revealing. 

A plain red T shirt

Black trainers

Their normal school sweatshirt - not a hoody or a tracksuit top. 

If you do not have the items above children should come to school in their normal uniform and change into their P.E. clothes before the P.E. lesson.

At the moment too many children are not following rules, coming into school in branded tracksuits, hoodies and colourful trainers. This means that school looks like a non uniform day every day and attitudes in class are slipping.

We MUST and will uphold our standards. School is a place of learning not a place for high end sports fashion. 

Please support us and make sure that your child has the correct P.E. kit or comes to school in their normal uniform every day and gets changed before the P.E. lesson. 

If children continue to come into school in inappropriate clothing for P.E. we will stop the system and go back to all children having to change in school before the lesson. 

Thank you.