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Welcome to Year 6 2020-2021

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2021 Year 6 Leavers Film - Goodbye

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2021 Year 6 Leavers Film - Baby Photos

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One of the writing tasks this week was to write a spy story based upon a gadget the children had designed and advertised. This is one of the stories that was sent to us and we think that it is brilliant! 


My Spy Story


My name is Maddie James. People don't know this, but I’m a spy. I'm currently under cover at Woodgate School to find out who's been stealing the chocolate cake from the kitchens. We've had no cake in weeks and me and my spy partner Megan suspect the teachers have something to do with it.


We started our investigation yesterday but as I said, this has been going on for weeks. Our mission is to sneak into the school kitchen and wait to see who turns up when the kitchen is closed. Our main suspects are Mr Davis, Mrs Mutton and Mr Bradley as we know they love CAKE!!!!


We managed to break in through the side door of the kitchen using the laser on my SPI phone. I kicked the door and bust it open.

''Let’s hide in the back'' said Megan. ''Then we can see who opens the fridge.''

“Good idea,'' I replied, and we found our hiding place.


Seemed like hours, then we heard footsteps approaching the kitchen door. I could see a shadow dressed in black looking around the kitchen.

I whispered to Megan, ''Wait until they open the fridge then on my count, we shout freeze!''

''Okay,'' Megan whispered.

The figure walked up to the fridge and opened it, taking something out of it. I could see a big smile on their face.

''3 2 1 FREEZE!!''

The cake went up into the air, landing on the suspect’s head. They fell on the floor.


I grabbed the hood and pulled it down.

''We were right,'' said Megan.

It was... Mr BRADLEY!!

''I'm so sorry'' he said, ''but I just love cake. Surely, I’m not the only one?''

Me and Megan smiled at each other as we had cracked the case. We called Mrs Colley and told her what had happened.


Mr Bradley had to apologise to the whole school in assembly. Megan and I left the school knowing we had cracked another case.


By Maddie James

If your child is isolating


If your child is isolating at home, paper work packs are available from the school office. Also, a range of work including maths and English can be accessed online at: 

Autumn Term 2020


This term, we will be studying volcanoes and World War 2. 


Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays.


Mrs Mutton is in 6M from Monday to Thursday, with Mr Bradley on a Friday.


Please send in a healthy snack for your child to eat at break every day, as there is no juice and toast this term.


The day starts at 8.40am, with doors closing at 9am. The day ends at 3.15pm.




The children in Year 6 learnt about Edvard Munch, a Norwegian born, expressionist painter, and printer. The children created many forms of different artwork in the style of Munch for the topic on volcanoes.










Year 6 Leavers Video Part 1

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Year 6 Class of 2020 Leavers Video - Good Luck!

Sorry For the delay - The original video was WAY too big to upload.

Year 6 Leavers Video Part 2

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Year 6 Class of 2020 Leavers Video - Good Luck!

Sorry For the delay - The original video was WAY too big to upload.