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Welcome to Year 6's Webpage 2018/2019

 Mrs Mutton and Mr Bradley (6M), Mr Aldridge (6A), Mrs Walker and Mrs Trotman
Come and see what the children in Year 6 get up to at Woodgate School.

Aboriginal Art Workshop: We were delighted to see so many parents, carers, siblings, and other family members attend our workshop. Thankyou all for giving-up your time!

Maths - Problem solving challenges related to understanding the informal rules for the divisibility of numbers

Visiting playtroop: bringing 'The Jungle Book' to life.

Orienteering; Following their hard work towards sitting their SATS tests, year six were given the opportunity to relax and have some fun, with an orienteering experience around the school site.

Animal lady Visit - our annual visit from the animal lady provided our children with a great opportunity to handle a variety of different creatures, whilst consolidating their scientific knowledge.

Year Six Spring Term review


What a busy term it has proved to be! The children have been working flat-out to prepare for their SATS tests, which begin on the week commencing 13th May. We really appreciate the support of parents, as we know that many children have been encouraged to do additional work at home, to fill gaps in their knowledge or to learn better test technique. Whatever the individual outcomes, it is clear that the children have learned much from facing the challenge of these tests, in terms of the responsibility, motivation and dedication needed to be successful. In the process, we have seen the children develop greatly in terms of their maturity and self-confidence.  Along with the move to their new secondary schools in September, SATS represent a key life event for our children, as they grow and mature.

Whilst we have been very focussed on preparing the children for SATS, we have tried to retain as much balance and breadth as possible, in the curriculum. In particular, we have enjoyed a visit from the CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra), where the children learned about Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Both classes took part in music and drama workshops, before performing for other children in year five. We have also enjoyed a visit to BMAG (Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery), where the children investigated an exhibition, relating to the historical origins and growth of the city of Birmingham, highlighting its industrial and cultural past, present and future. We also widened our visit, to include other exhibitions within the art gallery, including: A fascinating and highly recommended (visiting) exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work, an exhibition including genuine artefacts from Ancient Egypt, and a joint exhibition of Roman and Ancient Greek artefacts. Furthermore, following a picnic in Victoria Square, outside the council house, we then visited Birmingham Art Gallery, in order to experience the lower-viewing gallery (looking-out over Birmingham’s rapidly changing skyline), be introduced to the library services and explore their children’s Book section.

We look forward now to the summer term, which will include our residential visit to the Blackwell Adventure, outdoor pursuits centre.

Westminster comes to Woodgate! A class debate before writing a balanced argument: Should We Eat Meat?

Year Six Autumn Term Review


This autumn, we have been studying the Industrial Revolution. We visited the Black Country Living Museum to bring our history to life, and find out lots more about our local area during the Victorian era. We have also studied Oliver Twist in English, both the book and film, to garner more information about what the Victorian period was like.


We have visited the Bartley Green reservoir to do some landscape sketching, along with sketching our school and studying L S Lowry. Our children really enjoyed visiting somewhere right on their doorstep that most hadn’t seen from this angle!


We had a live music workshop from 'On the Edge', a groups that runs a local weekly music class for 9 to 11 year olds.

We have also completed our Design Technology project of designing, making and evaluating fruit cakes. We added ingredients according to taste, decorated them with icing and made packaging to take them home in. Great fun was had by all! They all agreed that tasting was the best bit!


In the spring term, we will be visiting Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as part of our local history study, combined with a visit to the Library of Birmingham. We will be working hard towards our end of year tests, but there will be lots of other activities to keep us entertained in the afternoons too!


Don’t forget our Year 6 residential is coming up in the summer term, which is something very exciting to look forward to after year six's hard work towards their SATS. More information to follow shortly...

'On The Edge' Music Workshop

Maths Investigation - Nets of 3D Shapes

Industrial Revolution Homework

As part of the build-up to the hundredth anniversary of the armistice, we had a workshop, regarding the first World War. We learned about life as a soldier in the trenches.

Locality Study: Recently we enjoyed a visit to the local reservoir to complete some artwork of the local area in which we live.

Year 6 Parent Workshop


Thank you to the parents and carers who attended our parent workshop on Tuesday 16th October. The children had a wonderful time producing artwork relating to our topic on the Industrial Revolution, for which we studied the art work of L.S. Lowry.

L.S.Lowry - artwork of the Industrial Revolution

The Black Country Living Museum


The Year 6 children enjoyed a fabulous visit to  The Black Country Museum on Tuesday, 2nd October. The Black Country Living Museum is an award winning open air living museum that tells the story of the world's first industrial landscape with buildings, vehicles and shops.  The Black Country Museum offered the children a glimpse into 300 years of our history. 


We regret that we are unable to share many photographs from the day, as we are yet to receive  letters giving permission for children to appear on the website or in some case children's images are not allowed to be shown. We are attempting to work through the photographs and edit them where possible, in order that we can share more of the day with you. 

Team Building in P.E.


In P.E., the children have been focusing on building their teambuilding skills.  Teambuilding skills helps to builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. The children have enjoyed a range of problem solving activities in P.E. and always approach these sessions with positivity and enthusiasm.

Charanga Music


Year 6 have enjoyed using our new music scheme called Charanga. The learning in this unit is focused around one song: I’ll Be There by The Jackson 5 - a unit of work about Michael Jackson, his music and how he contributed to the development of Pop music. This unit incorporates an intergrated approach to music where games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch), singing and playing instruments are all linked. The children and Mr Jones have fully enjoyed these music sessions.

This term our Literacy work will be based on the book "Mill Girl" by Sue Reid.