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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 2019/2020

Mr Field (4F) Mrs Samuel (4S)
Mr Colley and Miss Woodward are the Teaching Assistants for both classes.

Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities we have been involved in.

20.1.2020                                                                                                                                                    This week we have been learning about Hinduism and reading stories. One was about an Indian squirrel [where a squirrel, who was giving help in a small but meaningful way, made all the difference in saving Rama's wife so Rama rewarded him and all his kind with beautiful golden stripes], the next one was about a decision [Arjuna's Choice - between Krishna and his spiritual guidance and his army - the man who chose Krishna himself was better able to win the battle]. Yesterday some of us did painting and some of us did acting we all enjoyed doing it. Today we carried on but showed both classes our acts and paintings; it was really fun.    



In English this week  we have been writing a description of  Street Child . First we read a bit of the book and it was a horrific and a illegal  place  with punishment worst then torture. Most people perished slowly . Even though  you might think "Well why didn't the health inspector  shut  the place down?" but they would make the place more presentable to get away with it. There has been some upgrades in ttrs/times table rock stars. There's been 2 big changes 1. garage has been replaced with gig 2. 2 - 12 has been upgraded to 2 - 13 so we've got a whole new times table to learn!


We have been working on how to improve school so we can write a report. 4F walked around school writing a list of good results and bad results of all the improvements from the last few years. Also, we have been learning about shapes and we  made posters about New Zealand

and how earthquakes happen.





maths lines of symmetry    is a line at make a equal  distance from the symmetry line. English  we wrote about 2 men robbing a bank,what they looked  like and did they escape.

As part of our topic ,we went to see the horrible history film about the Romans invading Britain. It was very funny.             




 Firstly thank you to staff and year 4 for entertaining parents and children. secondly, thank you to all parents that entered  year 4s harvest  assembly.

The entertainment was fabulous we thank  you  all  who  contributed to  the  food bank   at st.michael's church.

yesterday we had a special guest come in the guest was called Maria and did a special dance which was related to Diwali,she talked to  us  about  Diwali and how people celebrate it.

Halloween  disco  took  place in  the  Junior Hall on Wednesday .thechildren really enjoyed it with a good disco and shop,the teachers did games and competitions to help raise money for our school fund.



















In year 4 this week ,we have been doing a science experiment.

We put an ice cube in the cupboard , 1 on a table and 1 on  the window ledge, We checked them every 15 minutes to see which one melted first. The first to melt was the window sill followed by the one in the cupboard.

We have been practicing our Times Table Rock Stars , we have to do 60 times tables in 3 minutes.

In our Literacy lessons we have been writing a newspaper report about a cat called Tuffy.

Tuffy is a naughty cat who was taken to the vets where he spat at the receptionist and growled at the other animals, he frightened a Gerbil out of its skin.

In Maths we have been doing number lines and ordering numbers from smallest to biggest.

In French , we have been learning the names of animals and their actions.

We had our coffee morning in school today, It was rain , so we had our extra playtime in the school hall. 


                 Written by:     E.F.      Z.C.      A.H.


Year 4 is learning about Roman Numerals, the Romans, how to write informal letters and how to play the recorder.

The Romans invaded Britain for a number of reasons and almost lost control of Britain to the Iceni tribe. 

Our English lessons  were about a book called Diary  of a Killer Cat. We had to design our ideal cat; Our cat's names would be  Munchkin and Fluffy. Munchkin has  White and grey fur with blue sparkly eyes. Fluffy is black and white with beautiful brown eyes.

In Maths we have been identifying the value of Roman Numerals. For Example, we have learned that IV means that it is 1 before 5 so therefore  IV is 4.

We have also been learning how to play the recorder.

Mrs Samuel has been teaching Year 4 a song to help us  to play the recorder and remember how to position ourselves.


                                                Written by T.W and J.F.

Year 4 Autumn Term


Topic sessions will continue to be around Romans, beginning with why they came to Britain and their experiences while here.


Year 4 will be performing their Harvest Assembly on 17th October - more details nearer the time.



Maths homework given out every Friday is to be returned by the following Friday.


Children will also be issued with spellings on a Friday to be practiced at school and home ready for a spelling test the following Friday.


The children will work daily on times-tables with frequent tests. They also continue to have use of Times Tables Rock Stars which we encourage them to use at home.



P.E Timetable


4F and 4S will need their P.E kit on a Monday and Thursday, however we recommend kits remain in school for the whole week.



Accelerated Reading


Another Year 4 expectation is accuracy in Accelerated Reading quizzes. The children need to be reading their Accelerated Reding book every night and quizzing in school, when they have finished the book. The children need to use their book to support them when finding the correct answer. You can support your child at home by asking them questions about what they have read and them showing you where the answer is in the book.


Please also remember to encourage your child with reading each day and sign off each 'Read' to help them gain their Challenge badges.






In class we are using the ea, ew, oi, ai and oa spelling pattern to discover and spell different words.


 To support your child with their reading and understanding of old and new words, you could test them on the spelling of words with this spelling pattern in, identifying this spelling patter in words when out and about and using a dictionary to understand what new words mean.

Key Websites to use at home