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Welcome to Year 5!

Mr Aldridge (5A)

Mr Davis (5D)

Miss Laughton


Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities, which we have been involved in.
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The Trojan Horse Topic - finding-out about wars between city states in ancient Greece.

Autumn-Winter Blog




In the weeks since returning back at school, the children have been settling into their new classrooms, learning a new timetable and enjoying a variety of different learning experiences. On 11th October, the children enjoyed the visit of Mr Murray Edwards, who provided a wonderful day based around the Trojan wars. This is part of our history topic, investigating the stories and events surrounding the Trojan horse. 


In English, we have been learning about quest myths in ancient Greek culture, using the story of Perseus and Medusa.


In Maths, we have explored and developed our knowledge of numbers and place value, learning how to order four-digit numbers and find factors, multiples, prime, cube and square numbers.


In PE, we have begun swimming for our non-swimmers and inexperienced-swimmers, whilst some of the children have remained in school, to take-part in team sports.


We are putting a lot of work into the children's times table knowledge as it is important foundation towards developing their confidence and capability as a mathematician. By year five, children should be fluent in all of their times tables, all the way up to 12 x 12. Children have access to Times Table Rockstars outside of school, which is a website, which is designed to encourage the children's skills. It can be found at this web address:

Any practise that you can do with your child will be very valuable, and if they become confident with their times table facts, we can also focus on the matching division facts (e.g. if 9 x8 =72, then 72 / 8 = 9)


In Science, we are expanding our knowledge of the solar system, with children learning about the size, orbits and characteristics of different planets.

Writing a Quest Myth - Perseus and Medusa

Future events & important dates

We will be looking forward to the following visits and activities, including a number of opportunities for parents and carers to become involved.

Wednesday 9th October - parent lunch

Friday 11th October - School photographs

Monday 14th October PM - Parental involvement - Greek Pottery Making

Monday 2nd December PM - Parental involvement - Greek dancing and food tasting


Monday 13th January - Visit to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - 'The British Empire' Topic

Homework & Spellings


Maths homework is set by both teachers on a Friday and is due back in by the following Friday, so that the pupils will have the opportunity to mark their own work, discuss concepts and gain feedback.


Likewise, spellings are set on a Friday and are tested on the following Friday.

Times Table Grid

Times Table Grid 1

A high-focus on our children's confidence, swimming skills and water-safety.


Dear Parents/Carers,


Your child will have swimming lessons throughout year 5. Since This year, we have a surprisingly-high number of non-swimmers and very inexperienced-swimmers. We would strongly encourage parents and carers to make extra swimming opportunities available to your children, in order that we can move quickly to make the children more confident, capable and water-safe. Currently, one of the main pools is closed, making it difficult to cater for the wide-range of experience and ability within the year group. Sadly this will mean that until further notice, we must concentrate on boosting-up our non-swimmers and inexperienced-swimmers, whilst more confident and capable swimmers, will stay in-school, to enjoy alternative PE lessons.  


Please ensure that your child brings his/her swimming costume and towel into school every Thursday, if they are part of our current swimming group, or PE Kits if they are to remain in school. Earrings will need to be removed and long hair tied back during swimming.


Goggles, unless prescription, are not to be used.


Thank you.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Aldridge, Mr Davis and Miss Laughton