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Welcome to Year 5!

Mr Aldridge (5A)

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Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities, which we have been involved in.
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If your child is isolating


If your child is isolating at home, paper work packs are available from the school office. Also, a range of work including maths and English can be accessed online at: 

Well done to our Year five children, who are currently working hard on their cross stitch project in D/T. They are making a sample, to practise their sewing skills, before attempting their final version.

The children have had great a great time getting their hands dirty to make clay coil pots as part of our containers (DT) and Trojan Horse (History) topics. Once dry, we will be painting them in the style of ancient Greek pottery. With any luck, we might have cleaned-up the classroom by Christmas!

Thank you to all of the parents, who brought-in cakes or gave the children donations for the Macmillan cake sale, the children had a great time and raised some much needed funds for a fabulous cause.

Autumn Term: The Trojan Horse Topic - finding-out about wars between city states in ancient Greece.

Autumn-Winter Overview


The main topic focus of the Autumn-Winter Term is to learn about Ancient Greece, through our Trojan Wars topic. This is part of our history topic, investigating the stories and events surrounding the Trojan horse. 


In English, we are learning about quest myths in ancient Greek culture, using the stories of Heracles, Theseus and Perseus. 


In Maths, we are exploring and developing our knowledge of numbers and place value, learning how to order four-digit numbers and find factors, multiples, prime, cube and square numbers.


In PE, which takes place on Thursday, we are playing invasion games, which encourage good communication and teamwork. PE kits should come in to school and stay in school for the half term.

In Science, we  will be enhancing the children's knowledge of the solar system, with children learning about the size, orbits and characteristics of different planets. We will also study the life cycles of animals and plants.

How can parents help?

Joining-up the dots between home and school is proven to help children's self-esteem and progress and we would always encourage parents to make sure that they are regularly in touch with their child's class teacher.


Weekly routines: 

* Spelling homework is given-out on friday, in order that the children have a whole-week to practise their spellings, so that they are confident, when it comes to their spelling test on the following Friday. 

* Each child will have chosen an Accelerated Reading Book from the library, which they should aim to read, understand and quiz on at school. Depending upon the thickness of the book, they should aim to quiz on one or two books a week, which challenge them (two weeks for thicker chapter books). The importance of reading in developing life learning skills and an interest in education, cannot be emphasised enough.


What else?

* Spelling is a weakness across the year-group and we may periodically send-home additional spelling resources, such as important spelling rules or spelling lists for years three and four, or five and six. These can also be easily found on-line.


* By year five, children should be fluent in all of their times tables, all of the way up to 12 x 12.We are putting a lot of work into the children's times table knowledge, as it is an important foundation towards developing their confidence and capability as a mathematician. Children have access to Times Table Rockstars outside of school, which is a website, which is designed to encourage the children's skills. It can be found at this web address:

Any practise that you can do with your child will be very valuable, and if they become confident with their times table facts, we can also focus on the matching division facts (e.g. if 9 x8 =72, then 72 / 8 = 9). One useful strategy, is to work for a week on a particular times table, then surprise your child with random times table questions, to see what they have retained.


* It is never too early to begin looking at study guides, to help prepare your child for their SATS tests in year six. The key is to make them regular and low-pressure, with a good level of discussion to explore a child's understanding, in a low-pressure environment, where they can take risks, even if they are not 100% sure. Many recent SATS papers are available on-line and can be downloaded free of charge, so that they can be viewed on a tablet, computer, phone or printed-off. each test also has a marking-scheme, with sample answers, to help you to understand the skill or knowledge which is being tested. A few questions regularly, will help your child's confidence enormously.


* One of the most under-rated resources available, is the public library, where children can experiment with different authors and genres of books. This is important, to stimulate a child's imagination and understanding, so that they learn to experiment and try new things, instead of going back to familiar, safe texts.


Writing a Quest Myth - Perseus and Medusa


BGFL 365


We have been using the BGFL 365 scheme of learning at school and you have been introduced to the BGFL 365 dashboard. Here, you can save documents and photos as well as create documents using the JIT suite or Microsoft Applications.


As teachers, we can see everything you save here and we can share document for you to use - keep an eye out under the homework tab for tasks to complete.


To log in, you need your school email address which is the year you entered school (15), your first initial and your surname, followed by the domain and will look  like this:     


And you should have received a password comprised of a random 4 digit number.


If you haven't got this information, or you are having difficulty logging on, email me and I will try to help. 


Times Table Grid

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By following the above hyperlink you will have access to 3 online lessons a day for your child (an English, a Maths and a foundation lesson). The lessons come with videos from teachers, quizzes and activities to keep learning moving forward.


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