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Results of Parentview Questionnaire. November 2019.

Parent/Carer course information


Would you like to help your child with their English?


New course starting Wednesday 26th February, 9.15 in the WASPS room.  The Empowering English course consists of practical and fun activities and as always, the course is free and all adults are welcome.  


If you would like more information, please contact Sandra at or leave a message at the school reception office.

Please see documents below to find information about any courses you may be interested in.

For more information please contact Sandra Curley via email :


We have several pathways of courses for Parents/Carers this year, that take place in School in a friendly and safe environment.

All of these pathways can lead to Further Education and Qualifications, or they can be completed for personal information and confidence building.

Each pathway consists of several small courses that follow on and build up to a comprehensive portfolio of information and knowledge.

If you are interested in any of the courses available, please contact Sandra (details below). We need a minimum number of learners to enable us to access these free courses, which are being offered in very few places in the Birmingham area. If you know of someone else who might also be interested, please do pass this information on to them.


Please note that all of these courses are currently FREE of charge, regardless of income.


The pathways available are as follows, and if you click on the corresponding link below, you will see the complete programme of courses involved.


Early Years Parenting Programmes -

Focuses on being positive and effective, looks at challenges, hopes and fears when parenting. Raises awareness of child development and different aspects of childhood behaviour.


Keeping up with the Children -

Support parents knowledge in different techniques used in Maths and English, with fun and practical activities. Explore how phonics work.


Freedom Programme -

This course is for individuals who have experienced or who would like more awareness of domestic violence.


Digital Families -

Raises awareness of digital safety and basic IT skills. Inspires confidence to help your children use technology safely. Further develop computer skills.


Healthy Lifestyle -

Look at how to utilise left over food and reduce waste and make healthy food choices. Also looks at growing your own food and having a more physically active lifestyle.


Family Fortunes -

Raise awareness of money management for both parents and children using fun activities. Supports families to save money on everyday living expenses


Creative Families -

Learn new techniques to use at home such as cake decorating, clay art, jewellery making, papercraft, textiles, floristry.


Parent Ambassador Programme -

This is an OCN qualification which will help if you are looking to continue with a qualification working with children or adults in school or other setting.



What is Speakeasy?

We know that talking to your children about relationships and sex can be difficult and, let's face it, a bit embarrassing. The Speakeasy course was created to offer a relaxed and informal way for mums, dads and carers to get the confidence and knowledge you need to face those tricky talks and awkward questions.

It will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to talk to your child about growing up. By the end of the course you will:


  • Be able to talk positively about relationships and sex with your child according to their age and level of understanding.
  • Feel comfortable taking on the role of 'sex and relationships educator' at home.
  • Understand the changes children go through during puberty.
  • Understand how to help children deal with pressure from media and advertising.
  • Have up-to-date information on contraception and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Know more about the relationships and sex education that is taught in schools.
  • Be ready to answer the questions your child is bound to have.


Speakeasy groups are small, and learning is informal, fun and creative. The course lasts for 8 weeks and will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings in school. If you are interested in this course, or would like more information, please contact Sandra.


For more information please contact Sandra


Or leave a message and your name and number at the school office for Sandra to contact you.


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