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In conjunction with Birmingham Adult Education, we are able to offer some free Adult courses that can be completed online and via email.  The courses available are listed below and if you would like more information or would like to enrol on any of these courses, please contact Sandra.



Maths club: this offers opportunities to review maths skills to complete activities and brush up on maths. Great for practice and to remind ourselves of what we thought we had forgot or couldn’t do.


Survival English: For ESOL learners who need support with basic communication to support and improve their skills (supports shopping, using public transport, making appointments etc)


Phonics play: offers help sounding out words to support your child with reading and learning to read.


Empowering English: Build up you English skills developed in either phonics play or Survival English


Creative families: support you and your families wellbeing at a testing time with activities and exercise. 


Healthy lifestyles: breaks down into three courses choose either healthy eating (learn to prepare healthy food), sow and grow(start growing your own food to encourage healthy eating)  or movers and shakers (let’s get moving - games and activities that gets our bodies and minds moving).




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