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Safeguarding Information.

Safeguarding children is at the heart of the school's work.  We take the safety and wellbeing of  the children in our school very seriously and we expect all staff, volunteers, governors and parents to do the same. 

We have a Safeguarding Policy which is available on our Policies page.  Other policies which affect the well being of our children are: Attendance, Behaviour, Anti Bullying and Responsible Internet Usage Key Stage 1 and 2.

We follow the Safer Recruitment Policy and the Department of Education guidance: Keeping Children Safe in Education (see below)

We follow data protection and confidentiality policies.

We have a Health and Safety Policy for the practical protection of children and conduct regular safety walks with the site-manager, governors and leadership team. 

All staff receive regular child protection training and safeguarding training. DBS clearance is carried out for all adults working within the school.

We are fully committed to the Prevent Strategy as part of our safeguarding and child protection duties and all staff receive training.


We have 4 key members of staff that are Designated Safeguarding Leads.

The most senior Safeguarding Lead is Miss Dee Carroll. She is also our SENco.

The others are as follows:

Mrs Debbie Colley - Head Teacher

Mr P Jones - Deputy Head Teacher

Mr Neil Malin - Strategic School Business Manager

Lead Governor for safeguarding is Michelle Stewart. 


You can report any safeguarding concerns you may have about your own or other children to any of these people in school. They can be contacted via the school office.


If we have concerns about the welfare of a child we will share them with parents and offer support. If concerns are significant we may wish to make a referral to Children's Services and ask for an assessment. In almost all cases we will tell parents if we are going to make a referral and ask for their consent. If we think that to tell a parent would increase risk of harm to a child then we will refer without parents' consent.


If you wish to report concerns that you have about other children you can contact Children's Information and Advice Services (CIAS) on 0121 303 1888

Woodgate Primary Safeguarding Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education (2021)

Prevent Duty (2018)