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Pupil Leaders

Head Boy and Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl


Nurturing pupil leaders is an important element to the work of Woodgate Primary. Children are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to enable them to take responsibility for their school and to then contribute positively both to the school and wider community.


The Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head boy and Deputy Head Girl at Woodgate Primary School play a vital role in the life of the school. They are the pupils’ ‘public face’ of the school representing the school in a number of public situations. They may be required to speak to groups of parents, children and teachers (with support). Some duties may be during playtime, lunchtime, after-school or evening. They also lead celebration assemblies, giving out certificates for Good Work and Good Behaviour.

In order to be appointed children have to write a letter of application, have an attendance of 96% or above and have their application endorsed by at least one staff member and their parent/carer. They then have an interview. The panel consists of the Head teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and a Governor.



These pupil leaders wear a slightly modified uniform to make them identifiable to other pupils, staff and visitors. Their sweatshirt is embroidered with their title and they wear a tie.





Student Leaders

Each week class teachers select a new student leader in their class. This is based on the previous week's attitude to learning, conduct and work ethic. These children wear a yellow  Student Leader badge for the week. They are responsible for welcoming visitors to their classroom, leading on the completion of the Class journal that week and any other duties that the class teacher sets for them. It is good to see the Student Leaders wearing their badge with pride and taking their responsibilities seriously.