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Year 3

Hi year 3, I am back at school and missing you all very much.

I would love to find out what you have all been up to.


This is my email address and it would be brilliant if you could send me an email, maybe some photos too.

I hope you are all well and being helpful at home.

Lots of love Mrs Allum xx

Online Classroom from Oak National Academy


By following the above hyperlink you will have access to 3 online lessons a day for your child (an English, a Maths and a foundation lesson). The lessons come with videos from teachers, quizzes and activities to keep learning moving forward.


More Maths Challenges

How did you get on with the previous maths challenge, Year 3? Here is another one for you to try:

Susie the Snake.

Susie the snake has up to 20 eggs.
She counted her eggs in fours. She had 3 left over.
She counted them in fives. She had 4 left over.
How many eggs has Susie got?

Singing activities

Today Miss O'Shea received an email from Out of the Arc Music. They have set up a @home page and I've put the link below.  She says that there are lots of great songs, including "Spring Chicken." Why not have a listen, year 3 and sing along. What will your favourite be?

Hello again Year 3. I hope you've had a great weekend.

I wanted to give you a link to where you can access some maths learning. White Rose have introduced a whole section for maths home learning. There is one lesson per day, with a video introduction, work to do, and the answers. Don't look at those until you have completed the work!


Hello Year 3! If any of you are struggling with any of the work set, have any questions you want to ask me or want to send a photo of some work that you have done, please feel free to email me on the following address:

If you want to contact Miss Carroll, please contact her on:


How did you find the maths challenge from the other day, Year 3? Here is another one. Work out the answer in your home learning book.

Queen Esmerelda’s coins
Queen Esmerelda had 20 gold coins. She put them in four piles.
◆ The first pile had four more coins than the second. ◆ The second pile had one less coin than the third. ◆ The fourth pile had twice as many coins as the second.
How many gold coins did Esmerelda put in each pile?

Spelling Activities.

How are you getting on learning your spellings, Year 3? Here is a link to some activities to go with them:

Extra Activities


Join in with the Joe Wicks online daily P.E. workout, starting at 9 a.m. every morning. Visit The Body Coach TV using the website link below:


Audio Books

David Walliams will be releasing a free audio story each day for the next 30 days to help keep children entertained. This can be accessed using the link below:


Writing Competitions

Go Ape

Returning for a fourth year running, Go Ape are encouraging all young adventurers to get creative both in and out of the classroom.

From World Book Day (5th March 2020) until 19th April 2020, Go Ape are asking schools and parents to get their students/children involved in the hope of winning some fab prizes for them and their class - including a class trip to Go Ape!

Visit the link below to find out more:

Poetry of Science 2020

Can you write a terrific scientific poem? Then enter the IF Oxford 2020 Poetry of Science Competition for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Visit the link below to find out more:

Wild about Writing

Write a story about the natural environment. 500 word entries.

Visit the link below to find out more:


Oxford Owl

A great website for creative writing, reading, mathematics and other kids’ activities. This website features online interactive games that will make learning fun and the time pass quickly.

Visit the link below to find out more:

                                                 MATHS CHALLENGES FOR HOME LEARNING


Try these maths challenge questions, Year 3.  Work out the answers in your home learning book.


1) Dan the detective looked for a number. He found a two-digit number less than 50. The sum of its digits was 12. Their difference was 4. What number did Dan find?


2) Dan found a two-digit odd number. One of its digits was half the other. The number was greater than 50. What number did Dan find?



Year 3 Homework grid

Daily Activities

Welcome to Year 3's Webpage 

Mrs Allum and Miss Carroll (3AL) and 
Mrs Ansell (3AN) 

Year 3's support staff are:

Mrs Trotman (3AL) and Mrs Harris (3AN)


Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities we have been involved in. Look out for important class news here too!

Visit to Birmingham Central library.



In English, we explored the myth of King Midas and wrote our own versions. We have now moved on to the story entitled, 'The Stone Age boy', linking to our topic work.

'Fractions are fun' has been the cry in our maths lessons as we have tackled finding equivalents, ordering and comparing, adding and subtracting.

This week is World Religion week and our focus has been Sikhism. Later in the week, we will be trying our hand at Sikh dancing and art work. Watch this space for some pictures!

Year 3 had a wonderful trip to Sarehole Mill, to find out about the Stone Age.

Year 3 children participated in a drama workshop about The Stone Age.

Year 3 children participated in a Diwali dance workshop.

Year 3 visited the book fair today. They learned how to make chapattis and samosas and were also able to browse the extensive range of books.

Instructions. This week and next we are looking at instructions in our writing lessons. We have enjoyed making games up and writing instructions, giving verbal instructions on how to make a sandwich, looking at real life examples of instructions and identifying features.

Can your child talk to you about imperative verbs? Or maybe explain to you what chronological order means? Take 5 minutes to have a little discussion... We're sure you will be impressed.



Children are beginning to settle well into life as a junior at Woodgate Primary School.


In year three children are encouraged to become increasingly more independent.


Reading Books

Some children in year three will begin Accelerated Reading. Children will choose a book, they are expected to read the book both in school and at home. When the book is read they will complete an electronic quiz on the book.  The minimum expectation is for children to quiz at least twice a week.  


If your child is not an Accelerated Reader they will bring home a reading book which can be changed every Wednesday.


Please remember to log every read in order for efforts to be recognised.


PE kits


P.E Lessons will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Due to Health and Safety reasons, children who do not come to school with the correct PE kit will not be able to participate in PE lessons.


Children must have a red top, black shorts and trainers.

Children must not wear earrings for P.E lessons.

Long hair must be tied back in a bobble.




Homework will be given out every Friday. We will give out spellings and maths homework.

Maths homework will need returning to school no later than Thursday morning to be looked at during our maths M.O.T lesson.


Spelling homework does not need returning as children will be assessed on their spellings every Friday.