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Welcome to Foundation!


There are two Reception classes - RT and RC.
RT's class teacher is Mrs Turner (EYFS co-ordinator) and their TA is Miss Follis.
RC's class teacher is Miss Cullotty and their TA is Mrs Moore.
Mrs Kelly and Miss Pearson both work with lots of different children from both classes to help them with lots of different activities.

Mrs Green is our speech and language therapist who works with some children during the week.

Mrs Tew is in RC Tuesday mornings to teach science and in RT Tuesday afternoons.


PE will now be on Friday mornings with our sports coach Dan. Please make sure the children have the correct kit. If they do not, they will not be able to participate in our PE activities.

Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities we have been involved in.

Living Eggs

Later on this term the living eggs will join us.  Look out for exciting pictures.

Inspire workshop

Look out for a letter inviting you into school to work with your child soon.

Look at us reading and writing!


We can read and write captions.  We can write CVC words.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Superhero challenge day


We will let you know in a letter the wonderful challenges the children will complete shortly.


This term we are being Superheroes! So far have developed our pincer grips by defusing bombs, completed a Superhero obstacle course, used magnets to investigate and have made super healthy fruit kebabs.

Christmas production “The nativity”

The children were brilliant in the production.  They spoke with clear voices, sang well and acted in front of a large audience of friends and adults. Later the same day the children participated in the Christingle service. 

The children made pictures using different shapes to tell the story of Christmas.

Wyre Forest visit

We traveled by bus to the Wyre Forest on 2nd December.  We explored the forest and made reindeer decorations out of forest materials that we found.  We had The Stickman story around the camp fire and toasted marshmallows.  We also found the Gruffalo’s child in the forest. It was a busy day!

Picture 1
The children were excited to write a letter to Father Christmas. 

Physical development 

The children have been parking their bikes in the numbered parking spaces.  This activity developed their gross motor skills and number recognition.

Shape exploration

Reception have been exploring different shapes. They have been exploring what different shapes they could find and have been sorting shapes by shape or size.

Finger gym!

We are developing our pencil grip so that we can hold writing equipment correctly to form letters accurately.

Non-negotiables in reception.

Fastening coats.


Now the weather is turning cooler, could you please encourage your child to practise to fasten their coat or jacket.  We are pleased that all children can put their coats and jackets on independently, so the next step is being able to fasten them. 


Thank you for your support.

Outdoor Learning

Every week all the children will go outside with their designated adult. Children will be taking part in activities such as planting, observing growth, building, enjoying mud kitchen activities and experimenting with how water travels. 

Reading area

The children are accessing the reading area, using story spoons, googly eye I spy's, story props and the listening centres. Sharing stories with your child is a special time and is a crucial part of them learning to love books.