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Welcome to Foundation!


There are two Reception classes - RT and RG.
RT's class teacher is Mrs Turner (EYFS co-ordinator) and their TA is Miss Hinds.
RG's class teachers are Miss Gutteridge and Mrs Aldridge and their TA is Mrs Moore.
Mrs Kelly works with lots of different children from both classes to help them with lots of different activities.

Mrs Green is our speech and language therapist who works with some children during the week.

Mrs Held is in Reception on Wednesday afternoons also. 


PE will now be on Tuesday afternoons with our sports coach Dan. Please make sure the children have the correct kit. If they do not, they will not be able to participate in our PE activities.

Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities we have been involved in.

Non-negotiables in reception.

Fastening coats.


Now the weather is turning cooler, could you please encourage your child to practise to fasten their coat or jacket.  We are pleased that all children can put their coats and jackets on independently, so the next step is being able to fasten them. 


Thank you for your support.

Outdoor Learning

Every week all the children will go outside with their designated adult. Children will be taking part in activities such as planting, observing growth, building, enjoying mud kitchen activities and experimenting with how water travels. 

How To Log Into BGFL 365

If your child is isolating


If your child is isolating at home, paper work packs are available from the school office. Also, a range of work including maths and English can be accessed online at: 

Some useful websites 
Phonics Play:

We use this website daily in school to support phonics. The children love the interactive activities and it has a range of activities to support their learning of blending new sounds.  We love to play buried treasure, dragons den  and pick a picture games!

This link provides daily phonics lessons with a teacher that talks you through each sound.


Jolly phonics song

Sing along like we do at school. Don't forget the actions too!


Oxford Owl:

Oxford owl provides a range of educational resources and activity ideas for all areas of learning 


Websites to get active:


Joe Wicks daily PE lesson


Cosmic Yoga

High frequency and tricky words

Reading area

The children are accessing the reading area, using story spoons, googly eye I spy's, story props and the listening centres. Sharing stories with your child is a special time and is a crucial part of them learning to love books.

The children also enjoy to support their phonics sessions.