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Update Friday 24th April

Hello to all children and parents.

We are coming to the end of week 5 of this very strange school closure. We are all  missing our normal routines, particularly being in school with our friends every day. Those staff and children that are in school are enjoying the opportunity to socialise safely and engage in learning. 

If you are at home there are daily Maths and English lessons being uploaded each week. If you cannot access a computer to download this work we can print it off for you to collect. If you do come to school to collect work , please exercise social distancing if there are other people in the reception area. Just wait outside and we will let you in one family at a time. Remember you can email the teachers with any queries or just to say hello. They love hearing from their children.

Free school Meal vouchers have been processed by school so please do not phone school to check where these are. They will be distributed automatically to your email address each week if you are entitled to them. 

We have uploaded  a support guide for managing anxiety if any of the children are feeling anxious or worried about what is happening at this time, you can find it on both the children and parents sections of the website. Hoping that we will all be together again soon.

Stay Safe. 

All Best wishes

Debbie Colley