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School update

It is hard to believe that we have only been back at school for 2 weeks. It has been very busy indeed:

  • The ducklings were hatched successfully in Year 4 and have now gone to their new home with Mrs Joseph one of our teaching assistants.
  • The contractors are working every night after the children have gone home and the new heating system is being gradually installed.¬† It will be wonderful to have a modern efficient heating system in school when the winter comes and the confidence that we will not lose any learning days due to heating failure or leaks.
  • Year 6 pupils will be taking their SATs tests next week. We wish them all the best of luck and hope that they can demonstrate the excellent progress they have made through their hard work and determination.
  • Our Ofsted inspection is imminent and we are looking forward to showing all of the improvements the school has made since the last inspection in February 2017.¬† You will of course be invited to share your views when the inspection takes place.
  • Summer term is going to be busy, look out for letters and messages¬† that will keep you informed of events and activities.