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Safeguarding Concern about TikTok

Urgent Safeguarding Message

Does your child have a mobile phone?

Do they have access to TikTok?

Do you screen and monitor what they can see?

We are becoming increasingly worried about the things that children are talking about in school that they have seen on TikTok.

Tik Tok accounts are for over 14 years old for a reason.

This week children have seen posts on Tik Tok about Saturday being National Rape Day and about children being at risk.

If your child has a phone, please take TikTok off it to help to protect them from these vile and harmful posts. 

No child at Primary School is legally old enough to have these accounts, or Whatsapp.

They are causing harm to the children, exposing them to adult material and making them vulnerable to online bullying. Please resist the peer pressure and keep your child safe. Thank You.