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Return to School January 5th.

We are pleased to be opening for all children on Tuesday 5th January.

We want to avoid a bubble closure for as long as we possibly can. The children desperately need their routine and education. 

Please support us by doing the following: Keep your child at home and arrange a test if they are at all under the weather or unwell. Even if they are not common covid symptoms. We have had some children that have tested positive that have only had a runny nose, sore throat or poorly tummy. 

If the test is negative, your child can return immediately. If the test is positive you may have helped to avoid a closure by keeping them at home. At the very least you will have helped to reduce the transmission to others in the bubble.  We will X code the absence, meaning it will not affect your child's attendance figure. Test results are coming back within 24-48 hours so your child should not be out of school for too long if they are negative. 

Please wear a face mask when on the school site. There are still some that are not wearing them. We appreciate that some may be medically exempt, but others are just choosing not to wear a mask. Please help to protect others and keep our school open.