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Mrs Colley's Head Shave

Mrs Colley's Head Shave


The big event has happened!! 24 children were in school today to witness the shave. Mrs Colley looked visibly nervous as she walked to the shaving chair in the hall. Mrs Peake wasted no time in scything through Mrs Colley's locks. The children sat in stunned silence. The staff present had open mouths. Less than 5 minutes and the floor was strewn with hair.


Once complete the children gave 3 cheers for the brave Mrs Colley - raising money for the NHS. Only then was Mrs Colley allowed to see the finished look in a mirror. After a gasp of surprise - the usual smile returned. The children in the hall thought overwhelmingly that it suited. What do you think?


If you would like to donate, the JustGiving page is still open. Just go on the page and search for 'Mrs Colley's Head Shave'.


Congratulations Mrs Colley on raising so much money for a very worthwhile cause. Woodgate is very proud of you.