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Important Message about Parking


Unfortunately, once again, we have a number of parents who are parking inconsiderately and illegally at the beginning and end of the school day. This is causing significant distress and difficulty for some parents who are trying to get their children to school safely. One of our parents is partially sighted and brings their child to school in a wheelchair. When cars are parked on pavements, double yellow lines or on the corners, visibility is restricted and makes it very difficult to cross safely. 

If you are one of the parents that owns a car and drives to school, please spare a thought to the dozens of parents and children that are walking to school and have to cross the roads. They should not be endangered by careless and dangerous parking and driving around the school site.

Please can we all make a determined effort to keep the roads around school safe for everyone. It would be a tragedy if a child or parent was hurt on the way to or from school. 

Thank you