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A warm welcome from the Governing Board


Thank you for visiting us!  We are volunteers who are passionate about children and their educational needs and we have chosen Woodgate Primary School, for a number of wonderful reasons including being parents to some of the children in the school, wanting to support the highest quality learning and support educating your children.


In order to make sure we do this effectively, we have three core responsibilities:

  • We need to ensure that the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • We need to hold the head teacher to account, while supporting and strengthening leadership
  • We need to oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure that money is well spent


These days, selecting new members of the governing board is very much about finding the right people with the right skills. We welcome governors from all backgrounds and walks of life and we believe that a diverse range of skills and experience makes for a more effective board of governors.


We meet once a term for our main meeting, which includes a termly strategy meeting too. If we have short-term projects to work on, we may form smaller working parties who get together to achieve a specific goal.


We want to do the best we can to support children's learning, development and their environment.  We want to ensure the curriculum is rich and varied and as the chair of governors want to assure you that every child matters.  You may see board volunteers around the schools as some come into school to support children with activities. 

Meet the Governors.


Name: Ms S Houghton

Appointment: Chair

Dates: 03.11.2014

Committees: Curriculum, Finance, Leadership and Staffing

Other roles: Pupil Premium Lead, Training Lead

Attendance of meetings:


Name: Mrs D Colley

Appointment: Head Teacher

Dates: 01.09.2014

Committees: Curriculum, Finance, Leadership , Health, Safety and Premises and Staffing

Other roles: DSL

Attendance of meetings:


Name: Mr A Keasey

Appointment: Vice Chair

Dates: 10.06.2015

Committees: Curriculum, Health and Safety

Other roles:

Attendance of meetings:


Name: Mrs C Anderson

Appointment: Parent Governor

Dates: 24.03.2015

Committees: Curriculum and Finance

Other roles:

Attendance of meetings:


Name: Mr R Andrews

Appointment: Co-opted

Dates: 09.07.2015


Other roles:

Attendance of meetings:


Name: Mr L Amos

Appointment: Co-opted

Dates: 19.05.2016

Committees: Curriculum and Finance

Other roles: English and Attainment Lead

Attendance of meetings:


Name: Dr D Jenkins

Appointment: Associate Member

Dates: 19.05.2016

Committees: Curriculum and Finance

Other roles: Strategic

Attendance of meetings:                              

Contact us

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors then please fill out the information below and Ms Houghton will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Governors Minutes of Meetings


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