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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

L.O. To record how life might have been in this area in the 1890s


Choose the village from the 1890s that is closest to where you live now and pretend you lived there. Think how being a tiny hamlet would make life different for shopping, school, adult’s jobs (and children’s jobs too). Now write a ‘Day in the life of…’ piece.


Mostly would have been farming. California had a brick works (it made so much money it was like making gold - just like if you went gold mining in Caiifornia which was popular at the time so that's how the area got its name). The Lapal tunnel is part of the canal network that connected industry in Birmingham with other cities or the coast at Bristol for transport elsewhere in the world. People lived on their boats taking things around the country - try to find something about their lives, maybe. The tunnel is still there but it's all blocked off and has collapsed in places (look near the cafe on the Country Park)


Challenge: three clause sentences that are joined with a combination of commas and conjunctions more exciting than ‘and but yet or so’.