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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

L.O. To compare maps to describe how the area has changed over time

Look at the three maps.


List the big changes that you can find: place name changes, the amount of buildings in each areas, a really big difference in the bottom middle! And others as well, look carefully and maybe compete with the other people around you to find the most.


Now write some paragraphs about the changes (In the 1890s Bartley Green was a tiny village with just a chapel, Inn, smithy and a couple of houses but by the 1950s it had grown to be part of  a housing estate that joined several local hamlets.) that explain a situation ‘then’ and compare it to ‘now’.


Challenge: Look at my example sentence above, it could just have said ‘In the 1890s, Bartley Green was tiny and has grown a lot.’ But it actually says a lot more than that. Go for detail.
Bartley Green area in the 1890s
Bartley Green area in the 1950s
Bartley Green area in the present day
An aerial view of Bartley Green area now