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Tuesday 19th May 2020

L.O. To research around the poem to help me understand

Complete the vocabulary section below.

Read the poem, preferably with an adult, maybe more than once (note - the sections underlined are for tomorrow's work).

If you are able, find out a bit about Max Boyce, Swansea and the Mumbles, Alun Wyn [Jones] and work out what they have in common (maybe the adult with you will know the answers if you haven’t got internet access).


Write a paragraph explaining what the poem is about and Mr Boyce’s different ideas about the situation (for instance, does he think it is all bad?).

Challenge: To explain, particularly the title of the poem ‘Just the tide went out’. It is used a few times as a kind of chorus, reading those bits might help you.

Vocabulary – Discover the meaning of these words

Disdain - remember this one from a couple of weeks ago