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Tuesday 12th May

These are the vocabulary and SPaG activities this week:

Vocabulary (related to the poems for the week)

L.O. To expand knowledge of ‘colloquial phrases’

Explain the meaning of these phrases – it might help to give a football related example of what they mean in the poem called ‘No one passes me’.

winter mire

In my belly burns a fire

last ditch



L.O. To change nouns to adjectives using the suffixes –ly, -ous, -ish, -y

Remember a noun = name of something, adjective = description words.

Examples of changing noun to adjective:

Friend -> friendly (He is my friend. He is a friendly boy. – be careful though, I nearly gave an example where friendly is a verb ‘He was friendly to me.’

Child -> childish

Poison -> poisonous

Rain -> rainy


  1. Choose the suffix that will change these nouns into adjectives (if you’re not sure, maybe test each ending by saying the new word out loud and seeing which one sounds most familiar)





2. Now complete each sentence by changing the suggested noun.

Baby – He whined and said the toys were too _______.

Fame – When she grows up, she would like to be a ______ person.

Dead – She had practiced until she could throw the darts with _____ accuracy.

Fun – The comedian was really _______.

3. Finally some sentences of your own  - like I said above, make sure the new word is an adjective in the sentence you give; it is easiest to place it after was/were or as a 2A (______, _____ noun)


Anger (tiny spelling adjustment needed)




Challenge: Hope (the trick question because it uses a different suffix to the ones practiced above)