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Thursday 4th June 2020

L.O. To persuade by writing a letter


The reservoir was built in 1928.

It holds the water that is piped from the Elan Valley in Wales (a series of valleys that were flooded by building dams across them to provide clean, safe water for a growing city of Birmingham. Your piece of writing today could be as much about the people who lived in the whole villages that were lost as the people of Genners Farm here in Birmingham.).

From there it goes to Frankley reservoir where it is processed and sent to your taps. Looking at the maps, there were only a few houses and fields lost to the building of the reservoir at Bartley Green, Genners Farm being the most significant.

Write a letter (as the owner of Genners Farm) to the water board, explaining exactly how you feel about the reservoir, in an attempt to persuade them not to do it. This will, however, be a formal letter so it best to keep it free of emotion, concentrate on the facts – financial, housing, farming etc.


Challenge: Try to find an ‘adult’ tone and use of high level vocabulary
Picture 1 1890s
Picture 2 1950s