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Thursday 14th May 2020

L.O. To discover information about the poet, Paul Cookson


Version 1 – for those accessing this from the school website: There is both a biography and an interview with Paul Cookson. Try to find all the information asked by the biography questions - these are mostly related to the FAQS section of the texts.


Biography questions

When was he born and what age is he now?

Where was he born?


Father’s/Mother’s job?

Favourite football team?

Who was he inspired by?

How did Mrs Graham change his views on writing?

 How did he discover John Cooper-Clarke?

Give two reasons why Paul began to publish his poems.

What made him become a children’s writer?

How long has he been a performance poet? Full time?

What are his two favourite poems and what reasons does he give for each?

Note anything useful about the ukulele.

What is about Paul that would make ‘Radio Presenter’ his dream job?