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Something about History

The new English Heritage magazine came yesterday, it set me thinking.

When we can travel, we can visit lots of places to learn about History so why not try some virtual visiting.


1. Choose your time in history to learn about (At the moment I'd stick to something that happened in this country - as an example, I'll choose the Romans).


2. Using the English Heritage and National Trust websites (for Welsh sites add Cadw and in Scotland it will be Historic Scotland and National Trust for Scotland) as a starting point, find a range of places you could visit.

   Romans - Chedworth Roman Villa, Wall Roman Site, Wroxeter Roman Site, the towns of Chichester, Chester, Colchester, Hadrian's Wall (there are hundreds of other places as well).


3. Now visit them. Go to their website (some of the places that might be most interesting are privately owned so there will be a lot of websites to look at - have an adult around to share what you are doing), read information paragraphs, watch videos, look at pictures, go on virtual tours (Cadw are really good for that), see if you can listen to the visitor's tour (a lot of these places have a serious adult version and a more fun family friendly version).


4. Set some of what you find on paper - gosh, you could even have a whole text book written by the time I next see you - maybe a page for a theme (houses, religion, defence, village/town life, trade, food and farming, clothes etc). Use pictures (photos copy and pasted or your own drawings), fact boxes, paragraphs (explain in your own words - read information but then write about what you understood rather than copying what's written).

Or what about a story about someone who lived in that time where you use what you learnt to make it historically accurate.

Or a story about the people who have lived there since or the archaeologists.

Or a poem


5. Now for something slightly different, could you put a schedule together? Mark all the places on a map then investigate the transport you would need to get between the sites - use trains and buses. Find out the costs, the times taken, how long that would give you to visit the site (most visits need at least half a day at the place, some need a whole day). Maybe choose where to stay over night between sites too - don't forget, that will also need transport.

Since this is a virtual tour only, it doesn't matter how long over all it takes nor how much it costs but maybe choose places to stay and transport methods that are reasonable rather than First Class.