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Science 2019/2020

Mrs Tabberner and Mrs Tew will be teaching Science this year.


Mrs Tabberner will be teaching

1S 5A 5D 6M 6S

Mrs Tew will be teaching

RC RT 1HG 2B 2P 4F 4S


Year 3 will teach their own Science.


Here you will be able to find out what topics are being covered and recent activities we have been involved in. Look out for Science News here too!


In Year One, the children have been looking at fish and their features such as scales, fins, tail, eyes, mouth and gills. The children went to Mr Davis' classroom to look at his fish tank before looking and touching a real fish in our classroom. The children described how the fish felt and came up with adjectives like smooth, slimy, cold, wet and bouncy.


Picture 1



These are the topics each year group are covering in the first half term of Autumn.


Reception - Magical Me

Year 1 - Looking After Animals

Year 2 - Take Care

Year 3 - Rocks and Soils

Year 4 - In a State (Solids, Liquids and Gases)

Year 5 - The Earth and Beyond

Year 6 - The Nature Library (Animals)