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Monday 1st June 2020

L.O. To use possessive apostrophes correctly

Complete SPaG task and the vocabulary


Today’s SPaG is about using possessive apostrophes. However, the poor old apostrophe is one of the most misused pieces of punctuation ever. You will find whole articles, letters and anecdotes about it in newspapers regularly. A recent story I heard was something like this:

A man walking past a butcher shop saw a sign about ‘sausage’s’ with the apostrophe wrongly used. He went in to point it out to the butcher who replied:

“Yes I know about that, it’s to get people like you to come in here and complain, then I can sell you some sausages, now how many will you have?”


Use the chart in the document below to get to know the rules and it doesn’t start with the apostrophe itself. It is saved as a separate document for ease of use, printing, having on screen etc.


The questions are beneath the chart.


Some fun words and some map related vocabulary this week:


I have been reading another Barchester Chronicle by Anthony Trollope recently and this first word is from that, I had heard the word before and love the sound of it but I had to look up the exact meaning. I mean to use it in my own conversation during the week:




This next word also sounds wonderful but I don’t tend to remember the meaning. I heard it first in a French language film where it is the name of a first world war trench. Because of that, I tend to feel it should have an ugly meaning but actually it describes a time of beauty and tranquillity:




And now the map vocabulary:



Latitude and longitude