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Monday 11th May


There are a selection of poems by Paul Cookson below. On Monday, select one that you will learn and perform to your family on Friday. To ‘perform’ means to make your voice show the emotion that goes with the words and maybe to put some actions in too. So it’s not just about learning the words.

L.O. To experience the poems of Paul Cookson

  • Read the attached poems and choose one that you will work on.
  • In your book, record: The name of the poem

Any examples of Rhyme, Alliteration, or Similes (Like a… or as … as …) and for a challenge: personification (where something that isn’t human is made to seem like a human)

  • In your book, copy and complete the following sentence:

This poem makes me [laugh/cry/think] about _____________ because__________________.

  • Finally, begin to learn your poem by copying it into your book.

Here are four poems to choose from but there are plenty more available if you go to Paul Cookson's own website:

There are a limited number of videos of Paul performing his own poems online.