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Meet the Staff

Woodgate Primary School – Staff List

Head Teacher – Mrs D. Colley (and DSL)

Deputy Head Teacher – Mr P. Jones (and DSL)


Senior Leaders

Assistant Head Teacher - Mr Bradley – Maths Lead and Teaching and Learning

Assistant Head Teacher - Miss Carroll – SENDCo and Lead DSL

Mrs Turner – EYFS Lead

Mrs Peake – English Lead


Year Group

Class Teacher

Teaching Assistant

Additional staffing


Mrs Turner - RT

Miss Hinds - RT

Mrs Kelly




Mrs Hartley/Miss Gutteridge - RHG

Mrs Moore - RHG

Year 1

Mrs Sian – 1S

Mrs Willis – 1S

Mrs Kelly(SALT AM) 

Miss Cullotty - 1C

Mrs Khan – 1C

Year 2

Mrs Allum  - 2A

(Monday Mr Bradley)

Miss Pearson (am) – 2A

Mrs Kelly (pm M-Th)



Mrs Peake – 2P

Mr Colley – 2P

Year 3

Mrs Held/Mrs Tew 3HT

Mrs Harris -  3HT

Mrs Ansell – 3AN

Miss Wronska – 3AN

Year 4

Mr Field – 4F

Mrs Trotman/Mrs Bradford (Friday mornings) – 4F



Miss O'Shea - 4S 

(Miss Carroll Friday)

Mrs McClelland (am)   4S

Year 5

Mr Aldridge – 5A

Miss Laughton (am)  5A




Mrs Samuel – 5S

(Mrs Tabberner Monday)

Miss Woodward (am)  5S


Year 6

Mrs Mutton – 6M

(Mr Bradley Friday)

Mrs Walker




Mr Davis – 6D


Non Classroom Based Staff


Teaching Assistants

Mr S Jones – Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mrs Bradford – SENTA and ASD Lead

Mrs McClelland – Guided Reading Co-ordinator

Mrs James - Guided Reading Co-Ordinator


Administration Staff

Mr Malin – Business Manager (and DSL)

Mrs Williams – Attendance Officer

Miss Duddy – Office Manager

Mr Brazier – Site Manager

Mrs Coley – Clerical Assistant

Mrs Mills – Clerical Assistant

Mr Grey – Technical Support


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Graham

Miss Townsend

Mrs Rose

Mrs Medcraft

Mrs Martin



Mrs Beecham

Mrs Williams

Mrs Connell

Mrs Fisher

Miss Walker

Mrs Stokes