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23/06/2020 Maths Answers Error

Task 1, question 5, the answer should be 8812.17

Lessons to learn from this - Always check your answers multiple times and do not always trust the calculator!

Thank you Joanna smiley

On this page, we will upload weekly Maths packs, following the Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving format. All lessons will be arithmetic based. The answers will also be published along side the work. The document will have an example of what to do, but I will try to add a link to a relevant Youtube video using a QR code.


If you do get stuck or need assistance, please don't hesitate to email.                      




Pre 20/04/2020 Work



Maths Basic Skills


Check your BGFL365 'Shared Files' section for some basic skills home learning packs. Print or complete into your green books and save a photograph of the evidence into your 'My Files' section.

Give it an obvious name.

I look almost daily for new saved files in your areas. 


Mr Davis