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Friday 15th May 2020

L.O. To write a biography of the poet Paul Cookson


From information you discovered in Thursday’s work, write a biography. Remember, anything you don’t know but think you should include – Make It Up.


Paragraph 1 (intro.): Who is Paul Cookson? And what is he?

His earlier life and background family/birth place/etc.

Paragraph 2: The early stages of his writing career, inspirations and influences

Paragraph 3: Becoming a children’s and performance poet. How that has developed and his thoughts about it.

Paragraph 4: His favourites

Paragraph 5 (conclusion): His future with poetry and what he would do if he wasn’t.


This listing above is just a suggestion of things you could include.

To help you, If you are able to, try looking up the FAQS on his website:


Challenge: Give clearly extended sentences to fully explain each idea