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WB 13.07.2020 - Goodbye

Week Commencing 06 / 07 / 2020 - Writing activities: Myths about how things came to be.

Week Commencing 29 / 06 / 2020 - Writing a chiller

W/B 22/06/2020 - The Wizard & The Cats

W/B 15/06/2020 - Pandora's Box

W/B 08/06/2020 Persuasive Writing - Year Five overseas visit

W/B 01/06/2020 Persuasive Writing - Afterschool clubs

W/B 25/05/2020 - The Farm

W/B 18/05/2020 - The Beach

W/B 04/05/2020 Newspaper Reports Features

W/B 27/04/2020 - Lily Pads

W/B 20/04/2020 - Poems

On this page, we will upload weekly English writing tasks. There will be 3 written tasks as well as a 'Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar' (SPAG) task and a handwriting task. Please send us anything you complete as we love to hear form you. You can use our email addresses below, or save them onto your BGFL365 account. 



If you do get stuck or need assistance, please don't hesitate to email.


Pre 20/04/2020 Work


Writing Tasks


Log on to BGFL365 and go to the shared files area. 


There are 10 writing tasks which I have shared with you. After you've finished them, publish them on BFGL365 (typed or photograph), where I can read them.


Mr Davis



60 Minute Reading


Guided Reading - this is a selection of texts about gold.

There are 4 texts: a poster, a comic strip, a story and a fact file and 6 question sections (a question set for each text, a comparison between 2 texts and some questions about all the texts.).

  • The poster has 4 questions (5 mins)
  • The comic strip has 4 questions (8 mins)
  • The story has 11 questions (22 mins)
  • The comparison questions between the comic strip and the story has 2 questions (5 minutes)
  • The fact file has 8 questions (15 minutes)
  • There are 2 questions for the whole booklet (5 minutes)

If you want to complete this as a test, you can choose to do it all in the allocated time of 60 minutes OR break it down into its timed sections. Otherwise, you may wish to support your child in the reading and understanding of the texts and questions and treat it like a Guided Reading session. Please publish your work on BGFL365 and let us know what support was given.

This will also be published under the homework tab on BGFL365.