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1st - 5th June 2020 - Bartley Green Local Area

Hello Year 4,


This is my last set of English activities for you for a while. I really hope you've enjoyed the topics I have chosen, I've really enjoyed setting up these pages for you (I've done quite a few hours of research alongside them so although they took ages, I have learnt a huge amount too and for me, that's enjoyable). I'm sure that Mr Field will very capably carry on giving you something interesting to get your teeth into while I spend more time in school.


See you soon

Mrs Samuel


In Tuesday's page, you will find maps of the Bartley Green area at various times over the last 130 years. The 1890s map is probably the first Ordnance Survey of the area, the last is the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 scale which is the closest scale currently available and shows a huge amount of detail (although the computer is able to make the maps the same size as each other, in reality they wouldn’t be, the first two would have been measured in feet and inches for a start, measuring maps in metres didn’t become popular until 1974 and the 1:25000 covering the same patch of ground would be a bigger sheet of paper). Looking at maps in this way can be fascinating, they are wonderful works of art in themselves and then there is so much to discover – historical changes to an area of course, but place name origins or the development of the health system can be traced too. Hope you enjoy this week’s work.

Handwriting – a reminder that a ‘b’ is a ‘b’ and not a 6 shape, it is actually a lot more like the k we did the week before last. Instructions – start at the top. Go down then back up half way. Finally circle clockwise. Look, the circle should be the same size as all the half line letters but the stick is nearly to the upper line.