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Writing Task Friday 1st May

Imagine writing a report for the back of the school newsletter sheet about hatching the ducks in the classroom and then having been able to play with them for a few days.


Intro: Who: Year 4, Where: Woodgate Primary School, When: recently, What: hatched some ducks, Why: To learn about … / to experience…


Conclusion: The children will look forward to … trying duck eggs/creating a school zoo/having a dinosaur egg hatch in the classroom


Don't forget, explaining 'why' adds some interest.

Challenge: To include quotes from teachers and children, correctly punctuated.


For this task, all the resources that you have used on other days will be useful. You might like to borrow some pictures from the Canadian School for instance or to explain (very briefly) what you have learnt about the development of a duck inside and outside the egg.