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Sports Premium

Developing Staff Skills and Expertise

We use some of our Sports premium funding to employ a sports coach for 3 days per week to teach P.E. to our classes. The teachers work alongside the coach to develop their own skills and expertise. This means that our staff are becoming more skilled at P.E and sports delivery.

Fitness Club

We use some of our sports premium funding to identify and work with pupils who will benefit from additional physical activity each week. A group of children from across the school work with Dan to develop their fitness levels and stamina for exercise. This has been successful in improving self esteem and confidence as well as improving health and fitness.

G & T Sports group


One of the activities our Sports Premium is used for is our Gifted and Talented Sports group.

A mix of  girls and boys from across Key Stage 2 that meet once a week and are taught a range of sports and games skills aby our coach Dan.


During the Autumn term the G&T Sports group focused on the skills required for football, netball, handball and basket ball, they also learnt about the principles of attacking and defending within these sports.


During the Spring term the G&T Sports group will be focusing on badminton, tennis and table tennis.  The year 5 and 6 children will also be taking part in a badminton tournament against other local schools at the end of January. The children will be playing both singles and pairs badminton.


During the Summer term the children will be focusing on striking and fielding games including rounders and cricket. 


Throughout all of these sessions the children will be considering how developing flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance can improve an individuals performance. 

Many of them go on to represent school in inter school competitions.




PE and Sports Premium Funding